Th.Oughts : What am I upto lately

So well, it has been a long gap before I am back from hibernation again and probably I wouldn't have, had it not been for the important security updates I was missing on my CMS.

It's only when I look at the last post that I realize how dead this place has been the last year. So, here's a new year resolution that I will hopefully fail to achieve just like everybody does with theirs : write more often and write more lines!

In fact, it is a pity how we have submitted to the 140 character limit of expressing ourselves imposed by the unavoidable necessity that is twitter. Unfortunately, even if it's been a year, there is nothing much that has been happening : yeah life's been stagnant pretty much. However despite the slumbering economy, I have kept my promise of increasing my debt: Examples include getting myself a new riding machine, trying to do something else after coming back from work rather than just watching those sinister but somewhat addictive episodes of family guy, south park and everything else that's not sex and the city, setting up a living room that looks less like a garbage forest and more like a living room etc etc.

However, there has been a not-that-significant-yet-important change in my life: I got engaged :) (and so I am not sure on how much I can keep up on my promise of writing more often).


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