Th.Oughts : Palin is awe-some!

The country I belong to has made me a person with the slightest interest in politics. Such is the fate of politics back in India; the people's representatives, the opposition and ofcourse the politics involved, I simply gave up. As far as my senses take me, I remember myself as a person who likes to think that politics is somewhere around the same side of the coin as religion. So, at a time when the entire United States of America is talking about the presidential race, I have always loved to remain in my cocoon of gadgets, guitars and movies pretending that I really enjoyed people's views on Obama or Mccain or whoever whatever else.

Today, though was an entirely different day. Due to some unexplainable forces, I had a strong urge to click on this link which was an interview of Sarah Palin , the republican candidate for the US vice president. As far as becoming the president or vice president is concerned, the majority of people think that she's doesn't have that impressive a profile and somewhere down the lines, I had started to think like that too. This interview bolstered my opinion like nothing else. But more importantly, this interview made me realize that there _are_ flaws in every democratic system (not just India!) Now, to the real deal.

The interviewer all through out was making sure if Palin if aware what she was getting into if she becomes the vice president (or president) and at every step, Palin responded the same way I would respond if I was asked a question on web technologies during a job interview. Like a child who really tries hard to impress the crowd, she tried and she failed. But what really blew over was when the interviewer asked her views on the Bush doctrine . Palin _actually_ fumbled but was trying hard to show that she knows what she's doing and then she just came up with a very generic answer like a kindergarten kid. To come to the point, this is not about how much she knows, this is about the fact that she doesn't know as much to become the president or vice president of the United States of America. And the worst part is: she doesn't realize it!

If Sarah Palin gets to the country's reins, may be she will give in her best, work like a dog, never ever sleep but the fact would always remain the same: She's not just ready yet! I have just three words: God bless America!


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