Th.Oughts : Pwned!

Being the time of the year when finances have made a bad hit on me, life couldn't have been better without a credit card scam. Yes, you heard it right, finally I made the grand entry to the list of people who have been scammed. All the usual bragging about specializing in Computer Security was now worth two cents or may be less.

Well, it so happened that way back in 2006, I decided to be cheap and bought some merchandise from classic closeouts which was just under ten bucks. And I still very well remember that at the option of remembering my credit card details, I had ticked the "big-fat-no" checkbox in the online form. What turned out later was that it actually did and on July 9th, 2008, I saw a unauthorized charge on my credit card for $69.99 by Classic closeouts.

Now, first I thought, either I was loosing it (read getting old) or something unexplainable was happening. But things cleared out soon enough when I found similar complaints all over! So: today's morning started with :

  1. Deleting my account from that *&^%@ site.
  2. Requesting my credit card company to close down my current account and open a new one.
  3. Filing a dispute with my credit card company.

And what you can surely do is to stay away from classic closeouts (Yes, the site is still out there)! The guys out there have some really serious explaining to do. Classic closeouts ?


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