Th.Oughts : Orkut Sucks!

Orkut sucks! Once, an interesting social networking site that I have used often to reunite with old friends, it has become a haven for spammers and suckers that are eager to try out their idiotic javascript nuisances. Yes, I am talking about the scrapbook: once an interesting feature, it's now like a symlink to my mail spam folder.

I mean, why on earth do they allow javascript in the scrapbook ? Can I disable it somehow ?

Even if I can, why is it hidden somewhere in the depths of the Marina Trench because I simply can't FIND it! Hey,the scrapbook is meant to be used to drop off a small message to someone, right ?

Why has it to do some javascript coolness or madness to be more precise. And you know what, that (madness) is absolutely ok with me. What's not ok is that with all the spam floating around in my spambook(Oh yes, I am fed up of deleting them), I miss out on the genuine get-in-touch and say-hi-how-are-you scraps that my friends send me once in while.

Orkut dev team ! I know you are a brilliant bunch of people out there. Please please do something about it. I really don't want to delete my account because it's the best address book I can ever have (had)!

UPDATE: Here's something which is a more serious concern:


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