Th.Oughts : Dear Amazon

Thank you very much for the Amazon MP3 installer for Linux. I am sure all the Linux users out there would be rejoicing, being given a place side by side their other (Windows and Mac) friends. However, I would like to bring to your notice that Linux isn't just Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and OpenSUSE. There are a lot of others in the queue! Ah well!, I know you possibly can't come up with a installer for every Linux distribution listed on distrowatch but it would have made more sense to release a generic package for all the other distributions (if you prefer to mention them as "not-so-popular"). And when I said generic, ofcourse, I meant a "binary" "generic" "package" :) I would also like the liberty to mention that although amd64 is not even way near x86 architecture as far as home PCs and laptops are concerned, still the number is significant. So, an amd64 version would be totally awesome. I really pray you consider that! Finally, the last request which I understand might be a bit tricky for you guys : Isn't it a good idea to release the installer under an open license ? :)

Thank you again for the Linux client, Bandan


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