Th.Oughts : Coffee

Working in a cool company has other advantages besides for the cutting edge work you get to do. You get to meet people who drink coffee the geeky way ;) Enter the AeroPress, invented by the same guy who invented a modified version of the frisbee known as the Aerobie . A device which has no electronic parts and which can brew espresso strength coffee in seconds; it's a 'must have' for any coffee lover. Here are a few screenshots of the exciting project : That's the complete setup. You basically funnel in the coffee through the top, use the measuring cup to put in water and then press the upper cylinder downwards real hard to get that deserving espresso strength coffee!

The white circular thing is exactly what it's supposed to be: A filter. It's placed on the black perforated thing to its right and the placed at the bottom of the upper cylinder. Sounds confusing

eh ? It's not! Java!!

This mug is a must! What ?! You don't like espresso ?! Man, get a life!!


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