Th.Oughts : Blog Migration

Finally, it's over! The painful migration of my blog to my sparkling VPS based new hosting provider. Too bad, my plan does not come with a Gentoo installation though :) But migrating drupal was smooth as the trade winds :) Expected more effort :) Not so few days back, without any warning, my earlier hosting provider stopped SSH access to my account. I really hate that cpanel interface and am normally comfortable logging in through SSH. Well, this is nothing new with my hosting provider (they have done it atleast twice before!) and so optimistically, I just opened a support ticket hoping that would be fixed soon.

The reply I got was not something that I never expected. The blunt message read "We stopped SSH access because of security reasons. According to terms of agreement, we are in no obligation to provide SSH access." Well guess what, according to terms of the agreement, go screw yourself! vpslink is more impressive than I had expected. The cheapest VPS service I could get; most importantly I am my own boss! No loser out there decides what I get and what I don't. And getting your system running from scratch has its own charm :) I haven't completely dumped though. still runs from there but I don't know for how long.


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