Th.Oughts : Getting Dumber

I had this feeling for quite a long time now and today I managed to prove it. I AM GETTING DUMBER. I never knew how our discussion about return to libc finally drifted to emacs.

So, this somewhat weird guy asks "So, why do you use emacs, not VI ? "

Now, I had successfully tackled such questions uncountable times in the past. The pompous answer would be followed by a quick demo of some sexy elisp expressions right within the working buffer. Believe me, for a non-emacs user, that was simply automagical! This time, my explanation was just hot air. The moment I started blabbering my reasons to him, and my fingers started typing, I realized something very horrible. I SIMPLY didn't know what to type!!!! I had altogether forgotten how to write expressions!; just because in my last one year of grad studies, I never felt the need to use them. Oh! what a lame excuse, you sucker! When I used to work, it was something very different. It was the constant urge to stay cool and of course, perform my work faster. Now, they have almost taken the back seat.

Oh, so unfortunate! So, this weird guy finally feels sorry for me and changes the topic. I, on the other hand, was given one more reason to feel that over the last one year I have experienced a significant I.D. So finally, HEY WEIRD GUY, now you know how I felt ?


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