Th.Oughts : Snow spell!

If you have watched this movie, you should have been here today to catch a real glimpse. Initially, it was real fun. I get more time to be snug on my bed, classes are canceled and so is work. What else could I ask for ? Around afternoon, things had started to get horrible. When I came out, I saw almost every household busy with the snow

no,not playing you dumb!) This was the initial shot we got when I came out. The porch was almost 6 inches in snow and it seemed a bit more towards the steps. With all the traces of a striver, that I had in me, I jumped down only to go almost knee length in the snow. Take a look, it was super cool I must say in the literal sense.

At last, I managed to get a Suez canal like structure from my door to the pathway. Something wrong with the cam. Looks like a shot from the outer space ;)


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